Nutritional Information

U.S. Top 20 SeafoodsTotal CaloriesProteinCarbosTotal FatSat. FatOmega-3CholesterolSodium
3 oz., w/o skingramsgramsgramsgramsgramsmilligramsmilligrams
Blue Crab, steamed90190100.480310
Catfish, baked120190510.36065
Clam, steamed, 12 small130224200.26095
Cod, broiled90190100.15060
Flounder, baked100200100.45085
Haddock, baked90200100.26070
Halibut, broiled120220200.43060
Lobster, broiled100201100.1100320
Mackerel, Atlantic broiled19021012316095
Mackerel, Pacific & Jack broiled1902101231.66095
Ocean Perch, baked100200200.35080
Orange Roughy, broiled7016010NA2070
Oyster, steamed, 12 med.120127410.790190
Pollock, broiled100210100.58090
Rainbow Trout, broiled130220410.66030
Rockfish, baked100200200.44065
Salmon, Atlantic, baked150220711.65050
Salmon, Coho, baked150220710.95050
Scallop, broiled, 6 large or 14 small150292100.260275
Shrimp, boiled110220200.3160155
Sole, broiled10021010NA6090
Whiting, baked100190100.77075

* = Contains less than 2% of Daily Value

NA = Not Available

Serving Size: 3 oz. cooked portion-skinless, broiled, grilled, baked, microwaved, boiled, or steamed without additional fat, sodium or sauces.

Data Source: Nutrition Labeling Data for Top 20 U.S. Seafoods Provided by the Food and Drug Administration.

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