Piggyback Lobster Tails Steamed


2 12 oz lobster tails
4 oz butter
Green onions
Fresh herbs of choice


Prep: Using heavy utility scissors, cut top of shell down center of tail fan - leave the tail fan intact. Separate shell enough to pull uncooked tail meat up to the rest of the meat in the split shell.

TO STEAM:Thinly slice several green onion tops (green portion only) lengthwise and place on exposed lobster tail meat. Sprigs of fresh herbs (thyme, oregano of fresh dill) may also be added. Brush with Clarified Butter (see below instructions) and add fresh ground black pepper to taste. Place lobster tails on steaming rack over boiling water and cover. Steam for 10-12 minutes. Remove from steamer, discard sprigs of herbs. Serve with lemon wedges and butter

In a saucepan, over very low heat, melt desired amount of butter until foamy layer forms on top. Skim off and discard the material. Pour butter oil into heatproof container leaving any milky residue at bottom of saucepan (this can be also be strained through a fine cheese cloth). While clarified butter is still warm, add minced fresh shallots or minced capers to taste. Brush over steamed lobster tails or use as a base for grilled lobster.