Squid Steak a la Anthony's


1 lb grande calamari fillet
1 egg
1 ts water
2 c breadcrumbs; made from -french bread
1/2 ts dried parsley
1/2 ts oregano
1/2 ts thyme
1 tb butter
1 tb olive oil
1 tb vegetable oil


Mix egg and water in a bowl. Combine breadcrumbs and herbs. Dip each fillet
in the egg and then coat with bread crumbs. Fry fillet in a large, heavy
frying pan in oil, olive oil, and butter over medium heat. When fillets
have browned, turn them over and brown the other side. Serve with lemon -
garlic butter.

The large Mexican squid were introduced into America in 1975. A temperature
inversion off San Diego allowed waters from Mexico to drift north bringing
with them Grande Calamari. They began turning up in the nets of America
fisherman who were unfamiliar with the Monterey squid's larger cousin. As
they have often done when the catch an unusual species, the area's
fisherman brought their catch to, Tod Ghio of Anthony's Fish Grotto. Tod is
a restaurateur and fish market operator know for his willingness to
experiment with unusual varieties of seafood. He took some of the squid to
his restaurant, cooked it and served the steaks to some of his patrons. It
was, so they tell me, "tough as hell". But Tod didn't give up. He cut away
4 layers of skin and uncovered a fillet which, with a little tenderizing
proved to be delicious. Today Tod's restaurants and many others serve
Grande Calamari fillets.

Source: The International Squid Cookbook, by Isaac Cronin,

Recipe by: The International Squid Cookbook